That said, I think it’s outrageous to expect “the rich” to pay higher taxes than they are already responsible for

I don’t earn a lot of money, particularly when you consider that I live in a very expensive area, Washington, DC/Northern Virginia. The government needs to spend less–a LOT less. They need to be more efficient. They need to have a balanced budget and if need be, an amendment to the constitution to force these children to live the same way my family does–making sure the spending doesn’t exceed the earnings. The notion that they should penalize the achievers in our society by forcing even more of their income to be seized is…well, it’s UNAMERICAN. The bottom half don’t even pay income taxes–where is the “fairness” in that? The top 5% pay an incredibly large share of all revenue received by the feds. Time to change this pattern of tax more and spend more.

Reliable and trusted stats show that throughout our nation’s history that when corporate taxes have been at their highest that we as a nation, the people, have prospered – don’t try arguing it, just research any reliable non-biased source such as the World Book of Facts – it’s there in black and white print.

When I get a pay increase may taxes, state and federal increases as well; therefore, when a corporate billionaire or millionaire makes another billion or million they should pay tax increases accordingly – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – right!

When he died he had plenty, ‘all’ of his wealth – land and money – left for his family

That’s the American way … always has been. However, unfortunately, due to corporate attorneys and lobbyist, the elite have circumvented this fair and balanced tax code, which by the way is supposed to be according to Article 1 section 8 of our U.S. Constitution.

Is this patriotic of them – no! Is it patriotic to work the people third-world-nations as slave labor, even children, for a profit? Furthermore, is it morally and ethically just? According to Emmanuel Kant it’s not: One should not use another as a means to their end without ‘just’ compensation.

It can’t continue or we’re doomed

No, none of the above is morally just actions … especially when people of this country are starving, struggling, loosing homes, underemployed if at all, and are just as educated as those in other countries – maybe that’s the problem we are to smart.

My grandfather told me before he left this world “greed is going to ruin this country.” He was correct. The man was a visionary, wealthy in every sense of the word, but not greedy. He knew he had it if he needed it, but didn’t abuse it Virginia online payday loan lenders. He saw many farmers during the 1970s loose it all, but he wasn’t one. But the one thing he did was treat people decent – even the poorest man on the street. He didn’t cater to the elite, even though he may have been one, he treated all as equal.

I’m glad that he’s not here today to see what has become of this country that he and his father and his father before him help to feed and supply through two world wars.

My family has roots that run deep so deep that most, even the notoriously patriotic Glenn Beck couldn’t begin to fathom.

And one other thing … That land my grandfather owned couldn’t be shipped to Mexico, Taiwan, or China – he had to pay hefty taxes on it every single year. Thus, if a company’s headquarters resides on U.S. soil, and their factories are off shore – so what – they should pay U.S. taxes as if the factories were here – no exceptions – and if not and they refuse then make them pack their bags and ship them off shore with the factories.

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