Tips Defense Popcorn Ceiling Without Deleting It

People who own house putting on the old and you may alternatively old popcorn ceiling is generally looking for ways to make their threshold research more progressive.

Whatsoever, besides is actually popcorn ceilings, perhaps not many great looking ceiling decorations online, but they are sometimes known to lessen industry worth of a house, due to their old browse.

While most individuals ponder what direction to go after deleting the fresh popcorn roof to really make the threshold browse the latest and you will fresh, other people wonder if you have an easy way to just safeguards the latest popcorn threshold upwards without having to go through the removing techniques.

As to why Irritate Layer Popcorn Ceiling?

Deciding to only cover the popcorn ceiling (otherwise known as textured ceiling) rather than deleting it totally could help you save a beneficial great deal of time and cash in the end.

At all, the fresh treatment procedure for a great popcorn roof is very time intensive, and will and become pricey once you consider the product necessary if you do-it-yourself, and/or can cost you obtain out-of choosing an expert team to handle the task.

Deleting popcorn ceilings entirely can also be risky with respect to the period of your residence, because so many home are manufactured in advance of 1978 got popcorn ceilings one to contains asbestos, a known carcinogen outlawed for residential fool around with from the known lung sickness this may result in, also cancer tumors.

Due to this fact it is so important to make sure you attempt having asbestos when also contemplating deleting a textured ceiling.

So, as to why irritate deleting it at all? Wouldn’t just layer it which have something else entirely get to the exact same impression? The simple respond to listed here is sure due to the fact about most circumstances (mainly influenced by just how you reside based) you can safeguards that popcorn ceiling right up having a thing that appears lots most readily useful.

What can Be employed to Protection Popcorn Threshold?

If you decide to cover the popcorn roof up in place of checking out the reduction procedure, you’ll end up prepared to see you have several sensible and you can day-rescuing options to help make your threshold look brand new, without the need to get rid of one thing.

You might select selection particularly threshold panels, roof planks, solid wood beadboard, material tiles, consistency and you will painting, and much more. With many of these selection, you can just arranged her or him right along side present popcorn roof inside the a venture that would be completed in a weekend in the place of having to hire people exterior help.

Evaluate these Choices to Protection this new Popcorn

Below are a few simple methods hide their popcorn ceiling. All these alternatives is fairly reasonable with a tiny assistance from a family member otherwise pal, could easily be handled as the a sunday endeavor or even complete upwards in one single afternoon:

1. Simply surface and you will painting the fresh new threshold

To full cover up your own popcorn ceiling that have a simple feel and you will decorate employment, you can utilize a spray texture so you’re able to spraying onto the threshold into the brief blotches, and trim her or him away that have an excellent drywall blade. It is possible to favor “slap clean” feel, which involves using their texture having a paint roller, upcoming exceeding it having a coat off ceiling decorate.

2. Roof tiles

Threshold tiles was a simple and affordable option for coating upwards popcorn threshold. If you would as an alternative maybe not mess with texturing, ceramic tiles give a very attractive option.

You may have a few options right here, also. You may either suspend metal or have fun with a PVC grid so you can hang the ceramic tiles from, or you can pick special ceiling ceramic tiles one end up being glued or even screwed correct onto the threshold.

3. Solid wood ceiling panels

Whom will not like the look of natural beauty available with an excellent solid wood threshold? Wooden roof panels (otherwise tongue and groove paneling) was some other want and you can affordable choice for concealing the latest popcorn ceiling of your property and so are easy to put in, too.

This one will be big sexy slavic women compared to ceiling ceramic tiles in the list above, so you will need to definitely screw your solid wood threshold panels directly into the bones of one’s roof. For added personalization, you can decorate the newest wood if you thus choose.

There are some of them different kinds of timber to decide regarding, as well, off traditional appearing timber towards the minimalism of your own Eu framework.

Clearly, you may have a number of and easy to set up selection in the event it relates to wanting good situation in which to hide the popcorn ceiling. Very quickly whatsoever, you could potentially change from those individuals old popcorn flakes with the threshold to at least one that looks fresh, this new, stunning, and you can welcoming.

Instead of new boring, mundane look of popcorn roof, these choice and make you a lot of area so you can modify the concept and then make your ceiling match your needs.

Whether you decide to hang tiles otherwise solid wood panels, or just consistency and you may paint correct over the popcorn threshold, speaking of great options to end having to look at the clutter (and you may ultimate clean) from entirely deleting your popcorn threshold entirely.

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